2020 Solstice and Jupiter/Saturn conjunction Reflections by Dana Lynne Andersen   A Year to Change the World Decades ago astrologers were talking about the year 2020.  Looking at the momentous line-up of powerful astrological transits, astrologers considered what might unfold in the year that seemed destined to change the world…2020.  For the ancients, the movements […]

Sharing a lovely blog by Nayaswami Asha Art & Creativity as Spiritual Practice

  The ORIGIN of our Originality Our Originality is a precious gift. It is an authenticity that originates in the unique pattern of each individual soul.  Every one of us is unique in all of eternity. To discover and bring forth our intrinsic unique individual expression is our most sacred duty and our sweetest delight.  […]

Creativity Is Intrinsic to Being Human   All children love to create. Natural, joyful, original self expression is native to being alive, instinctive in us. If you give a box of crayons and a piece of paper to a four year old they know exactly what to do.  They do not need explanations or instructions.  […]

The Source of True Originality by Dana Lynne Andersen       In a culture of materialism, originality has come to mean ‘breaking the rules’. The frontier is a ‘cutting edge’ found in a pursuit of limits and extremities.  It doesn’t take long for this to become a contest of shock value as it has in the […]

Mandala, the sacred Art of Centering by Dana Lynne Andersen. Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle”, signifying the primordial shape that represents wholeness, completeness and unity. The circle, and the sphere is symbolizes, encompasses the totality of the world. Even as a two-dimensional shape it ‘travels without leave taking’, as the line of […]

‘Creativity is like blood to the soul- oxygenating our sense of purpose, nourishing the wellsprings of our joy and replenishing the vitality of our passion’   Art Specialists     A mere 100 years ago the only music one could hear was live music. Now less than a fraction of one percent of music we hear […]

     ‘We are made in the image and likeness of God’, this simple and magnificent truth can change the way we see ourselves- and the way we live. The qualities we think of as belonging God are the very qualities we find at the core of our own nature. What God is, is what we […]

I was so impressed by the amazing artwork leading to and surrounding the tomb of Padre Pio. The larger than life sequence told the entwining story of Christ, St. Francis and Padre Pio.

“The place of refuge” is a holy place on the big Island.  In ancient times, If a law breaker, refugee, or defeated warrior could make it to this place of healing waters he would be absolved.  It is an ancient sanctuary of redemption.  I was surprised to find it one of the most powerful places […]