Looking Back from the Future





What do you think historians will call this extraordinary time when they look back on it from the future?


The ‘Great Pause’?

‘The Time of the Turning?’

‘The Between Times?’

The whole world is changing incredibly fast.  Some changes are obvious and some are deeper shifts beneath the surface. There is a new ‘zeitgeist’ – a Spirit of the Times that is changing the game of life. In this emerging era the core skills are no longer ‘left-brain’ linear thinking but rather ‘whole brain’ creativity and intuition. The good news is it’s not something you have to dredge up- its already inside of you. There are simple yet powerful ways to awaken these dormant ‘higher order’ capacities. That’s what we awaken at Awakening Arts Academy!

What would you name this time for yourself personally?

Try out a playful title as a way of tapping into the meaning and lessons of this time.  For me it was ‘Dana’s Dynamic Diaspora’.  The word ‘diaspora’ comes from Greek roots meaning to scatter and disperse (as in the exile of a people), and also, poignantly, to sow seeds.  * ‘dia’ -across + ‘speiro’- scatter + ‘spore’ – seed

This word seems fitting, as I’ve spent much of this last year in a kind of exile wandering far from home. And yet I am so grateful- for along the way so many shining seeds have been sown.  Thanks to these scattering times, many of our courses are now WORLDWIDE!  It’s a ‘whole new world’ on a magic carpet ride. 

All of us are learning new skills and new ways of Being.  “It’s a blessing to live in interesting times” if we can open up to the increasing flow of energy.  ‘Surrender to the Process’  is a skill we learn in the creative process- VERY USEFUL in these times!


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FOR FUN If you’re interested in how historians and artists are documenting this time for posterity