‘Creator in Residence’ and ‘Artist in Residence’ Programs

In our Assisi center in Italy we offer two different kinds of residencies – a  ‘Creator in Residence’ and an ‘Artist in Residence’ Program. 


“Creator in Residence” Program



A ‘Creator in Residence’

is someone who is exploring their creative unfoldment. We offer a nurturing space with loving support so you can take the time to delve into your inner world and bring forth your own unique artistic expression.  Whether you are an emerging artist, budding writer, or an adventurous spirit, this is a wonderful opportunity to spread your wings and fly!   Delve deep into your inner world, while also connecting within community. Give yourself the gift of a full immersion into your art whether for a week or a month long retreat.

Our ‘CREATOR in RESIDENCE’ program

offers a unique opportunity for self exploration, creative unfoldment and soul replenishment. No talent or experience is necessary. Our unique ‘soul centered’ approach focuses on the transformative process of creativity. We believe every human being is an artist, and that engaging the creative process awakens our joy, vitality and creative genius.  This program is facilitated by faculty from the Academy- with daily connection, mentoring, inspiration and personal guidance. 


“Artist in Residence” Program



We welcomes professional artists interested in the spiritual, healing or consciousness raising aspects of the arts, or who seek an inward journey of self discovery. Studio time in a beautiful and serene environment (holistic, vegetarian, drug and alcohol free) with options for daily yoga and meditation allow for a tangible experience of inner peace.


For writers of all stages in their practice; from aspiring writers who are seeking inspiration and a creative environment to establish their voice, to seasoned writers who need time, space and support to develop existing material. On our Writer in Residence program you will have access to the resources at the Academy should you wish to use visual art activities as a way to deepen your connection to your writing; opportunities for walks in the surrounding nature to relax and replenish; periods of seclusion for concentrated writing and moments of circle time for reflection, meditation and sharing.

Artist in Residence Dominique Hurley


For a wonderful report of the Artist in Residence Experience enjoy this blog article by Dominique Hurley. 

She inaugurated our program with her positive, resilient spirit- and with her dedication to documenting her journey in both words and images.  Her blog provides a good picture of life at the Academy- and a little taste of how an artist in residence program here works-  THE ARTIST IN RESIDENCE EXPERIENCE




UPDATE for 2024

Cost of the studio is $500 USD per month and includes full access to our spacious working studio as well as a kitchen for meal preparation. Various choices for accommodations are within walking distance and costs are quite reasonable.  We can help you find what works for you. 

Please contact us directly for more information about our residency and immersion opportunities;  info @ awakeningartsacademy.com