Transformative Arts Certificate

Self Healing


Our pioneering program cultivates the unique capacity of the Arts to heal, awaken and transform.   satya-and-her-artwork



     When we are immersed in the creative flow we open our hearts and minds.   It is intrinsically healing.  When we tap the Source within we open a channel of inexhaustible inspiration.

     At the Academy, we have developed simple, yet profound methods for awakening and uplifting consciousness through Creative Process.

     We use all modalities of the arts; painting, clay, collage, sculpture, dance, theater, music, poetry, writing, film, multi-media, etc. as vehicles for a transformative process.   Activating the ‘right hemisphere’, we awaken dormant ‘whole brain’ capacities of higher intelligence and intuition.




The Transformative Arts Certificate Program is comprised of two levels:


LEVEL ONE serves as a foundation of personal experience.


~ An Inner Journey ~


LEVEL ONE foundation provides support for your own healing journey.  This level is open to all who seek personal healing, inner transformation and spiritual growth. A variety of courses expose students to the many modalities of the arts (music and dance, painting, sculpture, theater, film, etc.) and to the principles of art, creativity and consciousness. Our interdisciplinary approach uses all creative modalities as vehicles for self awareness and the activation of higher human capacities.


COURSE Requirements:

  •  Painting from the Heart and Soul

  •  Free Your Creative Spirit

  •  Centering: Mandala, Yantra, and Labyrinth

  •  Spirit, Art & Nature

  •  Healing Journey 

PROJECT Requirements:

  •  Personal Quest Final Project

  •  Two Private sessions


LEVEL TWO is a practitioners training.   


~ A Work in the World ~


LEVEL TWO Professional Training prepares practitioners who are confident to facilitate the Transformative Arts Method ©™ in group workshops, to serve as a ‘creativity coach’ and to integrate transformational process into their professional practices. Level two offers content rich intensives, personalized projects and higher level courses covering theory and methodology.

In addition to coursework, Transformative Arts candidates are mentored in an intimate group, receiving personal attention and guidance as they develop skills, inner resources and experience.  

Successful completion of LEVEL TWO requirements confers a Transformative Arts Certificate™


COURSE Requirements:

  • Science, Art & Spirit: The Quantum Powers of Creation

  • Transformative Journey: Evolution of Consciousness through Creative Process

  • Graduate Teaching Seminar

  • CHOICE of FOCUS Courses  

PROJECT Requirements:

  • Experience as a Course Assistant

  • Experience Student Teaching

  • Two Private sessions

  • Final Teaching Project


Who is this for?

     Transformative Arts students have come from all over the world-  Italy, France, Greece, Denmark, America, Israel, India, Portugal, Canada, the UK and the Philippines. Graduates apply its methods within various professions such as teaching, coaching, counseling, healing, ministry, social services, human resources, organizational and community development, consulting and entrepreneurship. 

    Our unique approach catalyzes the dormant higher potentials of all human beings.  Participants expand their capacities for creative thinking, innovation and resilience, freedom of expression, authenticity and spontaneity, clarity of thought, open-heartedness, vitality, inner peace and joy 


Is this for me?

     Do you long to live a higher voltage life?   Are you ready to come alive to the full spectrum of your capacities?  Are you ready to open the channels?  Are you willing to blaze through the barriers inside?  Are you ready to experience the transformative current of creative power pulsing through your being?  Is it your time for a healing journey?  Are you ready for real transformation?  If this speaks to you then you are ripe for Level ONE.

     Do you long to create worlds of beauty that inspire and awaken those around you?  Are you drawn to helping others awaken their full potential?  Are you a healing shaman, a visionary creative spirit, an awakener?  Do you feel called to serve the world at this critical moment?  Are you seeking a Dharma that allows the fullness of who you are to be in service to humanity?  Are you ready to claim your power to transform- not only yourself but the world?  If this speaks to you then you are ripe for Level TWO.


A midwifery of the Soul

     Our program is unique in offering extensive mentoring of the facilitation process. We use the model of midwifery, understanding the work to be one of knowledge but also cultivated wisdom and subtle attunement. Students will assist in several courses they have taken previously, meeting before and after class for questions and discussion. Next they will teach segments of a class – with support and feedback for refinement. Finally, they will teach a class with the instructor acting as an assistant. Some students engage the apprenticeship portion longer than others as it is based on their needs. The director and the student together decide when the apprenticeship feels complete.

















With the addition of online components, our program is now going ‘hybrid’. With some content delivered online, there will be less push to cover so much material in such a short time. This will allow for more spaciousness in our onsite classes. We can breathe a bit more and deepen our exploration and integration. 

Summer 2020 onsite courses are currently postponed to August- October.  Join us in June & July for online courses!