A Gallery and Venue

Our spacious and light filled gallery is a pearl in the heart of Umbria.

Arte Spirito serves as a venue for creative exhibitions, concerts and performances as well as for conferences, workshops and community gatherings.



An inspiring space invites connection

and play…

this time a spontaneous music jam with Simon Tandree from the UK (viola), Gyuri Simon from Hungary (guitar) and Chris Brignola from the US (Chinese harp)




Gatherings & Celebrations!

Classes & Workshops



Sandra plays at the Gallery


Concerts & Special Guests

Shandra plays her latest original music. 

Ginger Gimour shares about her life with Pink Floyd and reads from her book ‘Bright Side of the Moon’

Ginger Gilmour speaks at the Academy

Theater PerformancesAn Evening of Enchantment


…and sometimes we just PLAY!

Halloween Party Rehearsal Play