The Academy

Awakening Arts Academy is a nexus for a movement

  … a gathering place, a studio and classroom,  a gallery and a laboratory… a honeyed hive for artists of vision who will pollinate the future.

Opening Reception Narya

At the Academy we use all of the arts as instruments for awakening higher consciousness in the individual ~ and transmitting that consciousness into society.

In these turbulent times a new vision is struggling to be born. We need precisely what the arts have to give; the capacity for profound insight, generative creative possibility, expanded vision, epiphany and revelation. In these transformative times we need our prophets and visionaries, our artists and troubadours, seers and mystics.

We believe that Art, serving as a conduit of revelation and vision, has the power to transform consciousness- within the individual and throughout the world. 

In the Academy Studio and Classroom we awaken the innate creative potential that is intrinsic to every human being.  We catalyze dormant ‘whole brain’ capacities and unleash the passion and power of Heart, Soul and Spirit.  We activate the full spectrum of our multi-dimensional BEING.

In the Academy Gallery we show the work of  Transformative Artists’ who are creating works of high caliber and high frequency.  We show art that speaks to our hearts, ignites our vision and rouses the dormant powers of our Soul.  Here we also generate a vibrant culture that includes concerts and performances of music, dance, theater and film.  We host workshops in diverse topics such as Vastu and Sacred Geometry, Vocal Training for Opera Singers, Non-Violent Communication, Clowning and Capoeira Brazilian Martial Arts.  We host visionary revolutionaries such as Jim Channon and angels of inspiration such as Paramjyoti with her transcendent Dance of the Heart.

In the Academy Training Programs we are empowering a legion of ‘Awakening Artists’ who are trained to serve- as catalysts of creativity, as midwives of deep transformation, as teachers, counselors, facilitators and guides.  We offer certification in Transformative Arts,  Art for Peace-Building and Teaching Creativity to Children.


Awakening Arts Academy is blossoming on two continents.

In  ITALY at The Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness  (l’Accademia di arte, creatività e consapevolezza) we have created a vibrant center of art and culture.  Near Portland OREGON (USA) the Academy is offering courses through Ananda College and through Cities of Light at the Laurelwood Campus.  In CALIFORNIA, we offer programs at a variety of places throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  In HAWAII we offer programs through Polestar Community.

JOIN US!  Check out our programs in Italy- the heart opening land of ‘la dolce vita’, in vibrant and verdant Portland, cutting edge San Francisco or prana drenched Hawaii.  Wherever we are, all are welcomed!  No talent or experience is required.  Vibrant creative expression is intrinsic to being human- and is the portal to our intuitive, ‘whole brain’ and ‘quantum’ capacities.  Activate your creative power and bring ‘solution consciousness’ into every aspect of your life.

See us on FACEBOOK for the latest goings-on at the Academy and for daily doses of inspirational artwork, quotes, and news that feeds the artist’s soul.  You can also follow us on Twitter and watch for videos on our Youtube station

In Italiano!