Awakening Arts Academy



Awakening Arts Academy

 … is a NEXUS for a renaissance 



Turn on a full spectrum of creative, intuitive & spiritual capacities to thrive in a multi-dimensional world.









An Inspiring Retreat Center in the Heart Opening Land of Italy. 

     Around the world ‘troubadours of transformation’ are bringing forth a new renaissance of culture and consciousness. The Academy is at the forefront of this movement; a haven of high- vibration creative energy, a honeyed hive for artists of vision who will pollinate the future. Experience concerts, dances, plays, performances, heart-felt community gatherings and special events. Dip your hands into the paint and clay.  Hands-on studio classes nurture soul centered creative expression in all people regardless of talent or experience.

     ARTE SPIRITO is an extraordinary place; a studio classroom,  a fine art gallery,  a venue for performance, a gathering space for artists and visionaries, musicians, film-makers, dancers, poets & playwrights… a laboratory for exploration and collaboration.  Across the street is Ananda, an international Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center and a growing  Community of Light— radiant souls who practice ‘simple living, high thinking’.  Nearby is Assisi, home of St. Francis and International City of Peace—a shining city of light and beauty.

Enjoy the World Famous Art, Culture and Cuisine of Italy. 

     Drink in stunning sunsets and exult in the glorious panoramic views of the Umbrian hills— right out our back door!  Taste the delicious and wholesome farm to table meals at Terra d’luca— Ananda’s ‘land of light’ gardens, as well as countless gourmet delights found in nearby villages and towns. 

Discover la Dolce Vita— the “Sweet Life” of Beauty, Joy and Creative Freedom.


• A STUDIO CLASSROOM offering classes in all modalities of the Arts – taught from the perspective of Heart, Soul and Spirit.

We nurture authentic, joyful creative expression in all people regardless of talent or experience.  Hands-on studio classes are heart opening and transformative awakening intrinsic creative vitality, passion and purpose.

Transformative Arts catalyzes our innate intuitive and visionary capacities.


A TEACHING CENTER   granting Certification in the ‘Transformative Arts’ method.

 A WORKING STUDIO for ‘Creators in Residence‘ (nurturing emerging artists) and ‘Artists in Residence’ (precious studio time in a glorious space).

• A GALLERY AND CULTURAL CENTER  gathers artists and visionaries who who serve the awakening of higher consciousness in humanity.

Our spacious and light filled venue serves an international community with concerts,  exhibitions & performances as well as hosting diverse workshops and symposiums that explore the emerging culture & consciousness.

A honeyed hive for artists of vision who will pollinate the future



And Who is an Artist?

… YOU!

You are an artist of soul and spirit, a creatrix of your destiny.  You carry within the seeds of a new world, a more beautiful future for yourself and for the world.  If you know this power is ripening inside of you, COME!  Awaken the artist within!  Catalyze your creative spirit, spread your wings and rise to the spacious skies of higher consciousness. 



The Arts are Vehicles to Uplift the Human Spirit and Awaken Higher Consciousness.