What We Are

Blue-CoronaAwakening Arts Academy

 … is a NEXUS for a renaissance 

A studio classroom,  a fine art gallery,  a venue for performance, a gathering place for artists and visionaries, musicians, film-makers, dancers, poets & playwrights… a laboratory for exploration and collaboration.


Discover our gorgeous Studio Retreat Center near Assisi, Italy.  


• A STUDIO CLASSROOM offering classes in all modalities of the Arts – taught from the perspective of Heart, Soul and Spirit. We nurture authentic, joyful creative expression in all people regardless of talent or experience.  Our hands-on studio classes are heart opening and transformative. Our unique approach to the arts awakens our dormant CREATIVE GENIUS  and catalyzes our innate intuitive and visionary capacities.

A TEACHING CENTER   granting Certification in the ‘Transformative Arts’ method.

• A WORKING STUDIO for ‘Creators in Residence (nurturing emerging artists) and ‘Artists in Residence’ (precious studio time in a glorious space).

• A GALLERY AND CULTURAL CENTER and venue for performance and exhibition, serving both a local and international community: offering concerts,  exhibitions, performances and special events; hosting diverse workshops and  symposiums that explore the emerging culture & consciousness.

•  PILGRIMAGES that combine travel with creative and spiritual inspiration.

• A Nexus for a New RENAISSANCE; the Academy is a honey filled hive for ‘Artists of vision who will pollinate the future’.  We are a gathering place for visionaries and troubadours of transformation who serve the awakening of higher consciousness in humanity.

+ Awakening Arts Academy offers TRANSFORMATIVE ARTS Courses in Europe, India and the United States. 


See what we do!

A group painting- at the Academy in Italy


Concert at the Academy in Assisi


Deus preparing Preparing for a performance at the Laurelwood Campus near Portland Oregon


Our Journey Together The culmination of exploring our inner archetypes- with Ananda College at Ananda Laurelwood