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Awakening Arts Network

is a worldwide nexus of artists, patrons and friends who support Art that uplifts humanity. We engage the transformative power of creativity and the alchemy of inspirational art to awaken higher consciousness in the individual and in society.

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We offer a resource nexus to artists throughout the world who seek a deeper source of inspiration and aspire to a higher vision of what the Arts are meant to be.  Awakening artists serve as conduits of Divine presence, revelation and vision.

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♦  A Venue for Classes & Workshops in ALL Modalities of the Arts – from drawing & painting to music, dance & theater, from collage and installation to new media

♦  A Venue for Visionary Thinking – offering informal salons, soiree’s & colloquiums that explore emerging solutions in the Age of Energy.

♦  A Venue for Seminars & Trainings in the Interface of Spirit & Nature, Art &  Science – from Vastu and Sacred Geometry to Brain Integration and Quantum Realities.

♦  Unique Classes that Facilitate Inner Awakening – integrating creative arts process with ancient wisdom and contemporary science. A broad range of courses incorporate creative process, yoga & meditation with subjects such as the Chakra’s, archetypes, neuro-theology, quantum reality and the evolution of consciousness.

♦  A Gallery for Exhibitions – Online, onsite  at the Academy in Italy and in traveling exhibitions throughout the world.

  An online Resource Nexus

♦  Annual Gatherings – wherein transformative artists from around the world can learn, share & collaborate.

♦  Multi-Modality Laboratories that allow artists, actors, musicians, dancers, writers and filmmakers to enter into states of high energy co- creativity.

♦  Artist Retreats and Residencies – The Academy offers residencies to visionary thinkers, creators, and artists. Participants create a body of work and share their disoveries, knowledge, or skills with the community

♦  A Small Fine Arts Press – We have the capability to print fine museum quality, fine art, archival prints for our awakening artists.