Rebirth and Transformation

Painting by Dana Lynne Andersen, Sculpture by Ginger GilmourSpring’s Pulsing Current of Transformation


It’s been a tough time for many. But nature teaches us that spring ripens below the surface of winter.  


Beneath the shriveled, tangled and decaying surface there is a vitality of life growing in deeper roots.  Beneath what feels stuck, tired & anxious, there is a seed of something new.


Nature has these polarities.  At Winter Solstice, the darkest time of the year, the light is reborn long before we can see the evidence of its return.  Summer’s zenith marks the turning towards light’s diminishment.  If we attune to the deeper pulses of nature we know that the flowering of Spring begins long before we see the blossoming.


Everything from Nothing

And what a mystery this is!  That from the thin sticks of naked branches, something exponentially larger bursts into being.  Glorious bright green leaves uncurl from tiny buds.  Capacious leaves unfurl from seemingly lifeless twigs.  Blossoms explode in profusion from the skeletons of trees. 


Something from nothing happens before our very eyes.  Why are we not astonished?  That it happens every year, that it is ‘normal’- somehow blinds us to how astounding this is. How does life erupt in such wanton abandon, joyous color emerging from what is so very stark and fallow. 


And loving science as I do, I also know that all the explanations in the world can never solve the mystery that it happens at all.  That death gives birth to life.  That the long and dreary winter is generative all along. Far below the shriveled surface a fullness of Being is nurtured. The riotous colors of May incubate beneath the dismal grey of February. 


A Long Winter

All of us have lived through a very long winter.  The world closed down, shuttered and clamped tight.  The streets empty, the songs unsung.  Holidays without family and friends, birthdays at a distance.  The simple and wholesome joy of touch, the warmth of connection, flattened to a flickering screen.


But Nature knows.  It is the fallow field that regenerates.  From the decomposition of our once vibrant lives – now gone, life has made a nutritive soil. In the fertile darkness something inside of us has been gestating.  Something new and wondrous has been ripening, something we could not yet see or imagine.  In the blustery winds of April, a springing forth of life is poised.  


Are You Ready for the Rebirth of Spring?  

Are you ready to feel a new life inside of you?   The miracle of creative process is that it so easily brings us to these inner realms where we touch the pulsing currents of life.  Through simple movement, guided imagery, playing with the colors of pastel, the images of collage- all so seemingly innocuous and yet they have a tremendous power to awaken us.  Childlike creative play open us to emergent energies, not yet constellated in form.   Through Transformative Arts we can feel and know what is ripe and ready to emerge. 


Join Spring’s Pulsing Current of Transformation! 


JOIN US for a special CREATIVITY SALON-  offered on a donation basis

In celebration of a long awaited feeling of rebirth I am offering a special donation based class on April 29th.  This four hour Saturday salon is a wonderful way to discover the shining seeds inside, and help them to sprout! 

> To join us email and write the word EASTER GIFT on the subject line.  I’ll send you instructions for registering.