2020 Solstice and Jupiter/Saturn conjunction Reflections by Dana Lynne Andersen   A Year to Change the World Decades ago astrologers were talking about the year 2020.  Looking at the momentous line-up of powerful astrological transits, astrologers considered what might unfold in the year that seemed destined to change the world…2020.  For the ancients, the movements […]

BY CONFERENCE CONVENER, STEPHANIE MINES.  Originally posted on https://ccc19.org/2017/12/15/art-as-climate-change-activism/ “The future of mankind will, I am perfectly certain, include a return to simplicity. Art will not merely join the trend: It will actively help in bringing it about.” Swami Kriyananda, Art as a Hidden Message: A Guide to Self-Realization What is the relationship between art […]

Read this article from TIME “There’s No Such Thing as ‘Too Old’ or ‘Too Young’ to Be Creative“.

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To Everything, A Season   Sitting in the heart of midwinter, and entering into the darkest day of the year, I am reminded of the proverb that says: Nothing in nature blooms all year; be patient with yourself. So often in this fast-paced, ambitious, and driven world, we forget how to flow with the seasons. […]

I recently saw a beautiful video traveling around social media that addresses a very important, a very potent, and a very prudent question: What is it like to be you?   The beautiful video was created by Sustainable Human, and narrated by renowned philosopher Charles Eisenstein. It addresses the urgent need to switch our focus […]

Creativity Is Intrinsic to Being Human   All children love to create. Natural, joyful, original self expression is native to being alive, instinctive in us. If you give a box of crayons and a piece of paper to a four year old they know exactly what to do.  They do not need explanations or instructions.  […]

The Source of True Originality by Dana Lynne Andersen       In a culture of materialism, originality has come to mean ‘breaking the rules’. The frontier is a ‘cutting edge’ found in a pursuit of limits and extremities.  It doesn’t take long for this to become a contest of shock value as it has in the […]

I was so impressed by the amazing artwork leading to and surrounding the tomb of Padre Pio. The larger than life sequence told the entwining story of Christ, St. Francis and Padre Pio.

“The place of refuge” is a holy place on the big Island.  In ancient times, If a law breaker, refugee, or defeated warrior could make it to this place of healing waters he would be absolved.  It is an ancient sanctuary of redemption.  I was surprised to find it one of the most powerful places […]