Mission & Principles

Creative process is intrinsically healing. 

When we are in a flow of creative energy we are truly alive.  We are in the present moment; our mind quieting, our hearts opening.  We feel the deeper currents of our lives- remembering who we really are and why we came to earth… that is the power of the creative process. 


Creative process catalyzes transformation. 

In our workshops and retreats all of the arts become vehicles for a vibrant inner life.  They bring us back in touch with ourselves, revive our passion & purpose, restore the vitality of our soul.  Through joyful, childlike creative play we come home to our authentic, original Being. We use the arts- any and all of them- whether painting or poetry, dance or collage, maskmaking or theater – as doorways to awakening.


Bring forth your own authentic, original self expression and watch it change everything in your world!


VISION    Through the transformative power of creativity and the alchemy of inspirational art we awaken higher consciousness in the individual and in society. When human beings engage the full spectrum of their creative capacities they can thrive in an increasingly multi-dimensional world.

MISSION    Engaging the intrinsically healing and transformative power of creative process, we use the Arts as vehicles to uplift consciousness. We offer classes, workshops, retreats, tours and special events that are open to all people regardless of talent, experience or ability. In this vein, we offer a safe and nurturing environment for soul centered creative expression, for both a local and international community.


In service to Art as a vessel of higher consciousness, we offer gallery exhibitions (onsite, touring and online), retreats and artist in residence programs, studio workshops, a small fine art press, and many other programs that create an atmosphere of the highest vibration, offering work that is inspiring, elevating and ennobling.

In service to Art as a catalyst of evolution, we provide a global nexus for artists to exchange ideas, collaborate and synergize. We offer annual gatherings and global arts retreats, artist in residence programs and ‘living laboratories’ that utilize emerging collective intelligence communication technologies such as open space, appreciative inquiry, evolutionary salons, etc.