Transformative Arts 2024 

June 1- July 31 in beautiful Italy! 

Limited to 12 students. 


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Certification in  TRANSFORMATIVE ARTS!




• Find the JOY inside you that springs from the deepest places 


• Come alive to your own power, passion and unique creative genius





Become a ‘Creativity Coach’

Finally, YOU–on your own journey, blazing through blocks that have kept you from freedom of self-expression.  Opening the channels that enable the full flow of creativity to pour through you- in any modality you choose.  Establishing a strong and steady link to the inexhaustible fountain within. 

Next, learn how to help others open their channels. Become a midwife to the creative emergence of another. There is nothing more gratifying than to serve the flowering of another human being’s innate creative genius. 


Learn how to be a ‘midwife’ of  Creative Process.

Experience the radical aliveness of your own authentic, original creative expression and learn how to ‘midwife’ that emergence in others. 

Gain the knowledge and practical tools you need to guide others in using the arts for self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth. Through close personal mentoring, you will cultivate the wisdom and subtle attunement that enables you to skillfully guide the Journey of Creative Process.




Decades of pioneering work are distilled in our unique training program

     The Academy is a vanguard in the emerging field of Arts & Consciousness.  Our full spectrum approach integrates innovative learning methods and creative exploration in virtually every modality of art- clay, collage, painting, poetry, pastel, music, theater, movement, dance, film, etc.

     Conjoining frontier discoveries in science and psychology with enduring perennial wisdom, our curriculum nourishes body, mind, heart & soul. Richly informative lectures are complemented with experiential immersion in the studio.  

     Our program includes online and onsite classes, personal creative investigation and individual projects, small group work, close mentoring and ongoing support.

Our onsite program includes extended time in the studio classroom (including our precious ‘forest studio’ in the summer months) as well as direct experience of the  rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Assisi, Italy.




June 1- July 31 

Limited to 12 students. 











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June 1- July 31 3034 in beautiful Italy! 

HOW TO APPLY  Limited to 12 students

CONTACT: info@awakeningartsacademy.com

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