Courses Offered at the Academy

Our courses require absolutely NO artistic talent or experience. Creativity blossoms in a nurturing nest of safety and freedom. 

We focus on the process, not the product. We trust the intelligence of the creative process and honor the wisdom of each individual soul.



• Weekend introductions offer a playful, yet profound experience.


• 5-10 day courses allow for deeper self discovery, healing and growth. 


• 2- 4 week creative immersion retreats


• Professional Training in Transformative Arts Facilitation; 4-8 weeks onsite, 9 months online and a lifetime of support.




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Painting from the Heart & Soul 

For artists and non-artists alike. This full-immersion ‘energy flow’ painting workshop gives you the freedom to express your inner Self without self-criticism. Proven techniques will overcome blocks and open the doorway to inspiration. Discover the bliss of losing yourself in the vibrant flow of creative energy. You will also learn how to cultivate soul intuition, true originality and spontaneity of expression.

Quantum Creativity

In this era of exponential change there is one fundamental skill…CREATIVITY.   In this unique course, Left Brain information from Quantum Physics conjoins Right Brain awakening.  Learn the principles of QUANTUM REALITY and how to activate your innate Creative capacities for quantum leaps in all areas of life.

Free Your Creative Spirit 

Creativity is the language of the soul. Fluidity in expression opens our hearts, lifts our spirit and expands our consciousness.  In this course  you are guaranteed to awaken your creative genius.  We use clay, collage, movement, painting and theater to open the channel.  Simple and fun exercises remove all blocks to the free flowing of your authentic spirit and catalyze your personal and spiritual growth.

Spirit, Art & Nature  

Nature is a gateway to feeling the presence of God. Similarly, when we are immersed in a creative flow we can feel Spirit moving through us.  Combined, Art and Nature provide a deep experience of inner communion.  Through meditation, time in nature and creative play we will melt into harmony with the Deva’s of nature and experience the tangible presence of the Divine within and without.

Open Your Heart through Art

In this course we will use art and creativity to ‘become as little children’. Playing with clay, paint and pastel- we’ll focus on the process, not the product. Immersed in a liberating flow of creativity we reach beyond the mind to touch the heart directly. Discover again your childlike heart, open and trusting. Discover the power of Art to heal and transform.

Mandala- Returning to the Center of Yourself

In a powerful experiential process, each participant will be guided in a process of inwardly centering deep within themselves, while outwardly creating their own unique healing Mandala- a powerful visual tool for clarifying & focusing every aspect of your life.

Powers of Creation

Learn how vibration created the universe, and continues to create the world we experience. When we learn the basic principles that govern vibration and energy flow we can manifest health and harmony in our lives. Art and Science meet in this unique course that joins illuminating lectures with hands on creative work. Recalibrate to the divine blueprint of vitality and abundance through light, color and sound.

Transformative Journey through the Chakras

This extraordinary workshop is a catalyzing adventure. Learn how the discoveries of contemporary science,  psychology and the ancient 8-fold path of Yoga dovetail to illumine a universal map of the soul’s journey.   In the morning, lively presentations offer cutting edge information about the Chakra’s.  In the afternoon, your knowledge comes to life through playful, yet profound, creative work.  Clay for the first Chakra, for instance.  Movement and water color for the second.  As each day progresses a new creative medium serves as a vehicle for an expanding state of consciousness.  Through painting, sculpture, movement, theatre, yoga, music, meditation, chanting & affirmation you will have a life changing experience of your seven inner realms.

Moving Meditation and Joyful Dance

Sound, music, rhythm and movement can heal the body and awaken higher consciousness. When we attune to the rhythm of the universe everything in our lives can flow in harmony. In this highly experiential course you will be guided in moving meditations followed by the ‘dance’ of color in drawing and painting. You will discover a fluidity of moving and Being, an openness of heart, an expansion of identity & perception.

Art as Meditation 

Become childlike, ‘seeking first the kingdom of God’ and trusting the process. Become present in the moment, relinquishing attachment to
 results and ‘surrendering the fruits of your actions’. In this zone of high vibration creative flow we access  high states of expanded awareness.

Art, Rebirth and Transformation

At Eastertide, as spring blossoms burst forth from barren branches, our souls rejoice in the miracle of rebirth. During this holy week, take a journey of transformation; letting go that which is old and dead, and opening to what is new and alive. Working with creative modalities such as clay, collage, drawing, sacred song, movement and dance you will discover a vibrant new life waiting to blossom in your own heart.

Healing Journey

A carefully guided inner journey using creative process for deep personal transformation.  Through the many modalities of the arts- painting, clay, dance, writing, etc., we access the wisdom of our soul. We go to the territory that remembers why we are here and what we came to learn and give. Creative embodiment helps us to release the suffering of the past and draw in the powerful potential of the future.  Profound inner work catalyzes real and lasting positive change in our lives.

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• Our Certificate Training Program provideS potent tools for those in teaching, healing, and counseling professions as well as for community leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, movers & shakers.



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