What We Believe

Awakening Arts Core Beliefs


We believe that Art is Powerful

The power of Art can be used to degrade or to uplift the Human Spirit. While art can reflect the tawdry realities and bitter truths of the world around it, it can also imagine a world beyond the obstacles, and in doing so inspire the solutions. Art can offer the despair of nihilism or the hope of inspiring vision.

Art Can Uplift humanity

The noble purpose of art is to uplift the consciousness of both its creator and viewer.  Art has the power to nurture the heart, inspire the Soul, and awaken the dormant higher capacities which propel the evolution of humanity. Art has the power to bring hope and vision to the world.

Art reveals Truth

Through Art we can see deep truths that are otherwise invisible.The inner realms of the human psyche and the inner kingdoms of the Soul are brought forth. In great works of art we feel the deepest yearnings of our Heart and glimpse the shimmering revelations of our Spirit. What is unseen is revealed. What is essential is made clear.

Art changes Consciousness

We believe that Art, serving as a conduit of revelation and vision, has the power to transform consciousness. Art is a language beyond words, rich in resonance and meaning. Art translates inner feeling so that it can be seen and felt more clearly. Artistic expressions, whether musical, kinesthetic or visual, can amplify, refine or transmute the raw energies of emotion. Works of art can amplify our feelings toward increased agitation or refine them toward clarified intuitive insight. Every work of art carries a vibration that affects our consciousness in listening or viewing- whether or not we are aware of its effect.  

Art is an Opening to the Infinite

The act of creating is an opening through which the infinite can enter. True creativity is an act of turning inward, and ex pressing or ‘ pressing out’ from the vast resources of the inner realms. When we open the channel of creativity we invite the flow of a greater power in and through our lives. True originality is that which springs directly from the Origin , the Eternal Source that is the font of Being within each individual. This kingdom of the Spirit is ever within. The process of creativity is an Opening to this Living Presence, and the work that flows from that high fountain is what truly nourishes the human Being.