Transformative Arts Certification ~ How to Apply



How to Apply to the Transformative Arts Certificate Program



     Our program is an intimate cohort of 12 students in an intensive immersion.  Though it is full of joy and delight, it’s not always easy.  Our approach is uplifting and inspirational- yet it can sometimes be evocative as we navigate a profound healing journey. We do not do therapy, but we do go deep- within ourselves and with each other. 

    Because we want to be sure this will be a magnificent and life changing summer, our application process starts with meeting each other.  We schedule a zoom to connect and go over how the program works.  If it feels like a fit for both of us, we send you an application that includes contact information and a few questions to clarify your vision.  This helps us to know you- and it also helps you to focus your intent.  

     You can start with reading  BROCHURE and looking over the website information.  If you’d like to explore further, or have questions, let’s set up a zoom call.  Please email us 


I look forward to meeting you! 

Dana Lynne Andersen



Founder and director of Awakening Arts Academy

and the Transformative Arts Certificate Program