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October 4, 2025 - October 5, 2025

The Inner Path comes to Life in this Extraordinary Experiential

Journey through the Chakra’s


Discover the Ancient system of the Chakra’s as Evolutionary Domains.  Eight month intensive training.

Begins October 2025 

Bruce Harmon Chakra Suiite

Discover the Seven Realms of Being within…

Contemporary science & psychology join ancient teachings of Yoga to illumine a universal map of the soul’s journey- brought to life through creative immersion. In-depth information + embodied discovery.


POWERFUL KNOWLEDGE grounded in profound inner process






+ Weekly guided cohort sessions



In the MORNING, lively presentations offer cutting-edge information about the stages of our unfoldment.  You will be given a ‘map of the journey’, distilled from contemporary science & psychology as well as the wisdom of ancient traditions throughout time and across cultures.

In the AFTERNOON, your knowledge comes to life through skillfully guided inner processes using powerful creative modalities. 


Both as individuals and collectively, we grow through stages of progressive development. These stages correspond to many systems found in science and psychology, including the system of the chakras found in many cultures.  As we evolve we expand our perspective and capacities, growing from the roots of our Being upward to the blossoming crown of higher consciousness.

In each domain we encounter the patterns that create our experience of life.  In the ‘root’ domain, for example, we delve into the time of our birth, discovering how our life patterns for safety and security were wired.  We then consciously re-wire our energy body so that we carry the healthy pattern of feeling safe, loved, welcomed and nurtured. We use the earth modality of clay to explore and express this transformation. In each subsequent domain we use a corresponding creative medium; movement and water color for the second domain, collage for the visionary aspect of the 6th domain, etc.  For each domain we use a new creative modality to explore and transform the corresponding area of our lives.

Through painting, sculpture, clay, collage, movement, theatre, yoga, sacred music & dance, yoga, meditation, chanting & affirmation, you will experience a profound transformation of your energy body- and a life altering outcome in the seven realms of your life.


Activate Your Full Spectrum!


• A universal map of the soul’s journey

• How to activate the evolutionary capacities of your Energy Body

• Techniques for mastery in the seven domains of Life



€ 5,400 Tuition  / € 4,800 Early Bird

LIVE ONLINE  One intensive weekend a month for eight months + weekly live guided cohort sessions. Includes downloads, recordings and digital materials.   

* Monthly payment plans available



October 3, 4 & 5     • Overview & Root Chakra
November 1 & 2      •  Chakra  2  Vessel
November 29 & 30     •  Chakra 3  Solar Plexus

January 3 & 4     •  Chakra 4  Heart
January 31 & Feb 1     •  Chakra 5  Voice
February 28 &  March 1     •  Chakra 6  Vision
April  4 & 5     •  Chakra 7  Liberation

May 1,2 & 3     •  Final Integration


Your Instructor

Dana Lynne Andersen








Dana Lynne Andersen is a multi-modality artist with a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies (JFKU). A pioneer in the field of Art & Consciousness, she is the founding Director of Awakening Arts Academy (USA) and Arte Spirito; the Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness (Italy)

She is also the creator of the Transformative Arts Method and Certification Program that uses creative process as a vehicle for personal healing and spiritual awakening. Dana has taught and exhibited on three continents

Dana’s Fine Art

Reviews of Dana’s teaching


*No artistic talent or ability is required. This adventure in self-discovery inspires an expansive sense of freedom and limitless possibilities.


Receive notice of early opportunity to apply  EMAIL  




Image Credit: Bruce Harmon


October 4, 2025
October 5, 2025