A Week of Creativity and Communion in Nature.   Assisi, Italy  June 23-28, 2019 and Portland, Oregon August 4-9 2019 Blissful days of painting and learning to co-create with the Devas and Nature Spirits. Replenish your body, mind & spirit at the wellspring of beauty.  Drink in the Prana of Nature and experience the childlike joy of […]

Autobiography of the Future

A creative writing workshop with Stefano Pelli               In a welcoming and judgment-free environment, you can experience the joy of writing for yourself, and for others. Expressive writing allows you to give a voice to your emotions, thus contributing to your Well-Being. You do not need to “know” how […]

Creator, Artist and Writer in Residence Programs ~ Apply now for February-May in Portland

We offer several types of residency programs: • Creator in Residence     • Artist in Residence      • Writer in Residence   Give yourself the gift of a full immersion into your creative life.  We offer room & board and a light-filled studio space at the Ananda Center at Laurelwood near Portland, Oregon.  Laurelwood is a […]