Quantum Creativity

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a workshop with Dana Lynne Andersen at Awakening Arts Academy near Portland Oregon USA

In this era of exponential change we cannot know what the world will be like in even a few years. As we enter the Quantum Era in the Age of Energy, there is one fundamental skill at the core…creativity.

In this unique and dynamic course you will learn how to activate your innate creative capacities and apply them in all areas of life—from business and enterprise to the art of living.



A dynamic presentation of quantum principles in both physics and neuroscience  PLUS a hands-on experiential process to catalyze your creative capacity.

As we now move from an age of matter to an age of energy we are awakening to the fuller dimensions of our Being. Learn simple, practical, and potent ways to fluidly navigate an increasingly multi-dimensional world.

In a ‘left brain’ presentation we will peer into the magical quantum realms of energy and vibration. Then we’ll tour the frontiers of neuroscience and discover how our ‘plastic’ brain can be rewired to tap the infinite energy potential of the quantum field.  Next we’ll put this into practice, using ‘right brain’ tools to awaken dormant capacities of super-conscious’ intuition.

Movement, guided visualization, somatic exploration, drawing and even a little theater play are vehicles for entering into a ‘quantum state’ of high frequency creativity. Through this creative play, the right and left brain synchronize into ‘whole brain’ capacity. Through these simple yet powerful techniques you will be able to literally channel inspiration on demand.

dana_quanticaDana Lynne Andersen is known in the United States and in India as one of the foremost spiritual artists of our times. She has distinguished herself in the realms of painting, writing and playwriting, book illustration, and as a curator of art exhibits. Her paintings have been exhibited on three continents, and some of them have been chosen by Swami Kriyananda as covers for his book. She is the founder of “Awakening Arts”, an international network of artists committed to the creation of art that is inspiring and transformative, and is known as a loving and inspiring teacher. Dana received her bachelor’s degree cum laude in philosophy, and her Master’s Degree in the Study of Consciousness from John F. Kennedy University.