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New Years Creative Vision Quest

December 28, 2018 @ 10:00 am - January 1, 2019 @ 2:00 pm

Will You Follow the Compass of Your Soul?

This year make your New Year a time of NEW VISION

Discover your highest DESTINY

Friday December 28 – Tuesday January 1


This unique workshop uses the power of right brain modalities to access the wisdom and creative genius of your own internal compass.

Transform your PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE

• Review and Release the PAST

• Come into the PRESENT- the center of your own Soul where you can experience the new energies and visions that are emerging from deep within.

& CRYSTALLIZE your positive FUTURE with a unique Life Map, Vision Board, and New Year’s Ceremony of INITIATION 

• Receive support for your success with potent spiritual techniques and concrete strategies.


It’s time to DREAM BIG!


The Goddess Mystery Tour

• Discover the synergy between what the world needs and what you are here to give.

• Journey from scattered desires to focused vision.

• Recalibrate to the DIVINE BLUEPRINT of your own Soul’s unique mission and purpose.

• Immerse yourself in uplifting and healing vibrations that bring Love and JOY into your field.



* December 27  Option to arrive early and settle in

FRIDAY  December 28
7am             Optional Morning Yoga & Meditation
8:30am       Breakfast
11 am           REVIEWING and RELEASING the PAST
12:15            Noon Meditation
12:45pm      Lunch
3:00             CHANGE YOUR BRAIN
                     ~ Crucial information from the field of brain science
                     ~ Learn how to remold your plastic brain.
4:30             CHANGE YOUR WORLD
                    ~ Powerful techniques from the science of yoga conjoin
                     cutting-edge knowledge from quantum physics
5:30pm         CLEARING THE FIELD 
                    ~ Guided Moving Meditation & Creative Process to clean your energy body 
                      and clear obstacles from the field of possibility. 
6:30pm        Dinner
8:00-9pm   A CRYSTAL BOWL CEREMONY for clearing the past. 

SATURDAY December 29

7am             Optional Morning Yoga & Meditation
8:30am      Breakfast
10 am          Recovering your TRUE DESIRES
                     ~ Letting go of distracting ‘false desires’ from media, culture & family 
                     ~ discovering the authentic desires that are signals of our Dharma. 
                     Knowing your TRUE PURPOSE
                    ~ ‘Drawing from the Well’ – A creative process with guided

                       moving meditation, chalk & oil pastel.

12:15            Noon Meditation
12:45pm      Lunch
3-6pm          Tuning into the QUANTUM FIELD 
                     ~ Accessing the wisdom of your own soul. 
                     Guided Visioning Process includes creating your own unique LIFE MAP
6:30pm        Dinner
8:00pm        DREAM POWER  Drawing from daydreams, night dreams and intuitive revelation we will gather the dreams that are speaking to your soul. 
SUNDAY December 30
7am             Optional Morning Yoga & Meditation
8:30am      Breakfast
10 am          Discovering EMERGENT NEW ENERGIES
                     MASKMAKING! ~ An actual casting of your face becomes
                     an invocation for the emergent energies that are ripe to be revealed. 
12:15            Noon Meditation
12:45pm      Lunch
3-6pm         Embellishing an exploring the message of your mask
6:30pm       Dinner
8:00pm       Circle of the Masks ~ SOUL REVELATIONS
MONDAY December 31
7am             Optional Morning Yoga & Meditation
8:30am      Breakfast
                   ~ Creating an activating your own SOUL COLLAGE VISION BOARD
12:15            Noon Meditation
12:45pm     Lunch
3-6pm        INTERVIEW with YOUR FUTURE
                    ~ using theatrical play to experience your own future
10pm         Crystalizing your NEW DIRECTION in a rite of passage ritual
12pm         Initiation of TRANSFORMATION
7am             Optional Morning Yoga & Meditation
8:30 am      Breakfast
10 am         Sharing Circle
11 am         CLOSING CEREMONY
12:15           Group Meditation
12:45pm     CELEBRATION Lunch


When:  Friday December 28- Tuesday January 1

Where: Academy of Art, Creativity, and Consciousness at the Laurelwood Campus near Portland Oregon                                 

Tuition:  $478     (includes materials) 

Meals and Accommodations at the Ananda Center at Laurelwood

Contact: info@awakeningartsacademy.com



ruby-with-her-maskThis year do more than Celebrate a New Year – CREATE A NEW LIFE!!

JOIN US for an adventure in Self Discovery and awaken your SOUL POWER to live your DESTINY!

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 TUITION includes class instruction and personal guidance, studio space, workbook and all art materials, nourishing snacks coffee & tea as well as daily yoga & meditation.  Meals and accommodations can be booked at the Ananda Center at Laurelwood.

ART MATERIALS  include Drawing & paint paper, chalk & oil pastel, tempera and acyrlic paint, assorted collage papers (tissue paper, velum, colored construction paper etc) collage magazine, scissors, glue, glitter & glitzy accoutrements, 3D materials, collage mounting board and more!


 Artwork credit:  Planetary Alignment by Julie Dillon