The flowering of Spring begins long before we see its blossoming.


Below the dismal grey of snow and mud riotous colors are incubating. Beneath the shriveled, tangled and decaying surface there is a vitality of life growing in deeper roots. And in our own lives, new life ripens below the surface of our bleakest winter. Beneath what feels stuck, tired & anxious, there is a seed of something new. 


This year there is something different in the air- a quickening.  2020, 2021, 2022…years outside of time that melt together. And now here we are in a place that feels -hesitatingly, like the shell might finally crack.  It might be time.  We might be ready.


All around me I feel this energy of rebirth.  There is no going back to “Normal”, and more than ever there is a feeling that we shouldn’t even if we could. From the decomposition of what once was, life has made a nutritive soil for what can be. From barren branches bright green leaves are uncurling, tiny petals are blossoming.  Something new has been gestating inside of us and its time has come.   

Are you ready to discover what is ripe and ready to be revealed? 


In celebration of a long awaited feeling of rebirth I am offering a special donation based class on April 29th.  This four hour Saturday salon is a wonderful way to discover the shining seeds inside, and help them to sprout!  To join us email and write the word EASTER GIFT on the subject line.  I’ll send you instructions for registering.