Rhythms of the Universe

Awakening through Art, Music and Movement


Raise the energy of your life to a higher octave! Using sound & movement, mantra and yantra,  sacred music and dance,  you can attune your body, mind and soul to higher vibration.


In spiritual traditions throughout the world we find that the creation and dissolution of the universe occurs through sound; from ‘in the beginning was the word’ to the rhythmic dance of Lord Shiva. Fundamental to our existence, Sound and music, rhythm and movement can heal the body and awaken higher consciousness as we attune to the rhythm of the universe. When we attune to the rhythm of the universe everything in our lives can flow in harmony.

In this highly experiential course you will be guided in moving meditations, dance, improvisational movement to the rhythms of mantras and sacred music, followed by the ‘dance’ of color and rhythm in drawing and painting. You will discover a fluidity of moving and Being, an openness of heart, an expansion of identity & perception.

Rhythms of the Universe

Discover and experience:

  • Daily yoga & meditation to relax tension and liberate blocked energies
  • Moving Meditations that activate your imaginative and kinesthetic intelligence
  • Sacred dance: movements that connect you to the pulses of creation
  • Sacred music: opening the heart chakra through voice and song
  • Mantra: intoning the pure sounds that are the building blocks of the universe
  • Drawing: ‘dancing on paper’ with pastels and watercolors.