Vision Quest 2015   

DREAM BIG ~ for yourself and for the world!

 January 2- 7, 2015

A Place of Refuge in Hawaii

~Recalibrate your Passion & Purpose   

~Restore your Dharma & Destiny

Five extraordinary days of VISIONING, Rejuvenation and Transformation on the Big Island of Hawaii

 Take time this year to CREATE a powerful blueprint of success and JOY in 2015!

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In the fresh field of the New Year discover the synergy between what the world needs and what you are here to give.  Journey from scattered desires to focused vision.  Remember the reason you came and crystallize your next step.

Our work uses creativity to delve and explore the messages of our soul and to bring forth the shining currents of our Dharma and destiny.  Our  journey of creative exploration takes us deep in the life of the soul, restoring connection to what has heart and meaning in our lives and bringing our life purpose into clear focus.  Our process culminates in a New Year’s Ceremony – a rite of Passage as you step into the blossoming of your talents and abilities.

Dana has distilled a simple yet profound process to widen the aperture of inspiration and revelation. Using “right brain” modalities – visual, kinesthetic, symbolic, and intuitive – she helps us activate capacities that reach beyond the parameters of ordinary awareness.  She teaches us to access – and transform – our future.

You will also learn how to:

  • Quickly access peak states of creative flow
  • Activate multiple modes of intelligence
  • Use imaginative intelligence to expand true perception
  • Cultivate high caliber intuition applicable to all life’s challenges
  • Increase the coherency and magnetism of your vision and intention

This inner odyssey takes place in a magic land of primordial power and pure Prana.  On the Big Island of Hawaii you will feel the rejuvenating energy of clean air and water, fresh vitalizing food, and the shakti of the fiery earth in formation.  As you melt into the astral beauty of sea and sky, you will absorb the raw power of LIFE- allowing it to replenish you in body, mind and Spirit.

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We are also held within the context of a thriving spiritual community. Polestar (http://polestarcommunity.org/) models the strength of cooperative living and a life of ‘simple living, high thinking’.

Daily guided yoga and meditation + creative play and inner work + time in nature + deep relaxation and adventure + the support of a living community….a profound and unforgettable journey!

Don’t miss these five extrameditation-panoramaordinary days of VISIONING, Rejuvenation and Transformation on the Big Island of Hawaii


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