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The Quantum Powers of Creation ~ Science, Art and Self Discovery

July 9, 2017 @ 8:00 pm - July 14, 2017 @ 1:30 pm

Light, Vibration, Color & Sound + the principles of Quantum RealityElectronic Grail

   Understand the Principles that created the universe and USE THEM to create your world!

Discover how the powers that created the universe – light, sound and color, can recreate your life.  Learn how vibration created the universe, and continues to create the world we experience. Art and Science meet in this unique workshop that conjoins illuminating lectures with hands on creative work.

Galaxy Glory

Paintng blissChakra nesting human

Everything has an underlying vibrational reality and we can work directly on this deeper level.  When we master the basic principles that govern energy and matter, we can create health and harmony in our lives.

Morning lectures and afternoons in the art studio: Enjoy clear, articulate and profound presentations about the underlying principles of vibration, harmony and resonance – and then allow an experiential journey to transform your understanding of the universe!


  • Use light, sound and color to uplift your consciousness.

  • Use sound (mantra’s, toning & chanting) and images (visualization & sacred yantra‘s) for healing

  • Use principles of Quantum Reality to make Quantum Leaps in your life.

  • Activate principles of Sacred Geometry in Nature; Golden Mean, Fibonacci Spirals, Fractals, etc.

  • Create your own Life Mandala

Recalibrate to the Divine Blueprint of health and happiness through mastering the ‘powers of creation’!

When: 9-14 July  2017                                                                                      

Where: Academy of Art, Creativity, and Consciousness; Nocera Umbra, Italy                                                           Cost:  € 270

Contact: Dana Andersen, dana@awakeningarts.com

If you are interested in lodging nearby there are two options within walking distance.
Ananda Yoga & Meditation Retreat
Arcobaleno Agriturismo (Bed & Breakfast)