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Oh God Beautiful!

Oh God Beautiful!!

August 21-23  2020

The great Indian Saint Paramhansa Yogananda (Author of Autobiography of a Yogi) chanted ‘Oh God Beautiful’ at Carnegie Hall in April of 1926. Warned before he went onstage that the Americans would not appreciate very much of this Indian Kirtan, the audience was enraptured for over two hours!   The words of the chant reveal that the Divine presence is indeed found in all things beautiful.  

In this unique course, you’ll learn about the importance of beauty on the spiritual path and how beauty itself is a means of awakening.  You’ll learn how to bring beauty into everyday life including the devotional practice of making beautiful altars. 

O God Beautiful Chant:

O God Beautiful; O God Beautiful; At Thy feet, oh, I do bow.

In the forest  Thou art green;
In the mountain  Thou art high;
In the river  Thou art restless;
In the ocean  Thou art grave.

O God Beautiful; O God Beautiful! At Thy feet, oh, I do bow!

To the serviceful  Thou art service;
To the lover  Thou art love;
To the sorrowful  Thou art sympathy;
To the yogi  Thou art bliss.

~ The original chant was written by the 15th century Sikh Guru Nanak. The melody and English translation are from Yogananda.  From Ananda’s site: https://www.ananda.org/free-inspiration/books/whispers-from-eternity/o-god-beautiful/

As we dive into the chant ‘Oh God Beautiful’ you will feel the transporting power of beauty as a quality of the Divine.

Awaken to the deep and profound power of beauty and learn how you can be a channel for Divine Beauty to uplift the world!

Where: Arte Spirito: The Academy of Art, Creativity, and Consciousness near Assisi,  Italy                                               

Cost:  € 108 includes all materials

Contact: Dana Andersen, dana@awakeningarts.com

If you are interested in lodging nearby there are two options within walking distance.
Ananda Yoga & Meditation Retreat
Arcobaleno Agriturismo (Bed & Breakfast)