O God Beautiful; O God Beautiful; At Thy feet, oh, I do bow.

In the forest Thou art green;
In the mountain Thou art high;
In the river Thou art restless;
In the ocean Thou art grave.

O God Beautiful; O God Beautiful! At Thy feet, oh, I do bow!

To the serviceful Thou art service;
To the lover Thou art love;
To the sorrowful Thou art sympathy;
To the yogi Thou art bliss.


~ The original chant was written by the 15th century Sikh Guru Nanak. The melody and english translation are from Yogananda.

From Ananda’s site: https://www.ananda.org/free-inspiration/books/whispers-from-eternity/o-god-beautiful/


Where: Arte Spirito: The Academy of Art, Creativity, and Consciousness near Assisi,  Italy                                                          

Cost:  € 108 includes all materials

Contact: Dana Andersen, dana@awakeningarts.com

If you are interested in lodging nearby there are two options within walking distance.
Ananda Yoga & Meditation Retreat
Arcobaleno Agriturismo (Bed & Breakfast)