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Light of Color Week-long Workshop

June 28, 2015 - July 3, 2015

Self Discovery through Color Exploration

During this Light of Color workshop, we will apply the laws of colors to learn how to read ourselves: our physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual states.kimbercolor1

We will Learn:

  • The physical laws of colors and how the color manifests when darkness meets light
  • The sensory and perceptual laws of colors- why we feel a certain way in the presence of particular colors

Through experiential exercises we’ll explore our sensory and psychological perceptions. We will then learn to harmonize ourselves (through the harmony of the colors), since each one of us has a unique harmony that can be tuned, to reach a higher state of wellbeing using specific colors.

We will also learn practical creative skills;

  • How to mix primary colors to create new ones
  • Using the transparency and density of colors to change how the light influences us

Discover your own true color… the one that harmonizes with your essence!


Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness
Assisi, Italy