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Creativity in the Cauldron of Chaos

October 3, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

A unique experience of Science, Art & Spirit

Discover the Sweet spot between Chaos and Control

A skillfully guided transformative process that turns outer chaos into inner creative power.

Tumultuous times bring butter to those who know how to churn. The cauldron of chaos becomes the vessel of alchemy.

October 3   10 am – 4 pm REGISTER NOW



Inspirational presentation sparking from SCIENCE & SPIRIT followed by hands-on creative process & connection. Experience the ELIXIR of creative energy flowing through your heart and hands.


Hands-on experience in working with the forces of creation. Through pastel & poetry, collage, sound & movement we churn the energies of chaos and confusion into the butter of illumination.


From the perspective of science, chaos can be creatively generative. When we understand the dynamics of how system change happens, we can shift from the maelstrom to the emergent higher order. Drawing from the work of Chaos Theory and cutting edge theories of transformation you will gain insight into the dynamics of change.


Enduring Spiritual Traditions both East and West have much to say about the relationship between chaos and creativity. Luminous threads from the teachings of Yoga, esoteric Christianity, native and wisdom traditions reveal the hidden design that weaves beneath the surface in times of chaos and change.

October 3 2020   10 am-4 pm  PST (West Coast timezone)

Potent inspiration and hands-on creative exploration.

We start with a stimulating presentation weaving insights from science and spirit. A warm-up exercise opens the channels to access higher realms within; grounding into roots and stretching into our antennae of intuition. Next we enter a session of creative play, sparked by an original guided Moving Meditation®.  During our live studio session you’ll be lovingly guided in a hands-on creative process.  Once complete we’ll harvest the meaning and message through a simple, yet profound process. We conclude with connection and sharing, and a take-away embodied affirmation to use in the days and weeks ahead.

Creative modalities for ‘Creativity in the Cauldron of Chaos’ include guided Moving Meditation® with movement & imagery, Flow Process® with chalk & oil pastel,  poetry, collage, music, somatic embodiment, Body Prayer® and affirmation.


$108 includes live session and recording of presentation and guided meditation. 

We normally offer our one day workshops for $180, but because of the challenge of so many in these extraordinary times we’re offering the full day for $108. 

NO artistic talent or experience is required.  We use the materials of art but we are not concerned with making pretty pictures.  Creative process opens the doorway to the soul.


** Science sources include: Chaos Theory (John Briggs, David Peat) Morphogenetic Fields (Rupert Sheldrake) +  Dissipative Structure Theory (Ilya Prigogine) + Implicate Order (David Bohm)

*Moving Meditation, Flow Process and Body Prayer are unique techniques from the Transformative Arts Method

Also please see “Quantum Powers of Creation” October 12-16- a more in-depth exploration