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Ancient Future: Seeds of a New Civilization

April 21, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Ancient Future: Seeds of a New Civilization is an original multi-media performance piece created for ‘Climate Change and Consciousness‘, a unique conference at the Findhorn Community in Scotland. 

The conference runs from April 20-26, the performance will be on the evening of the 21st.  ‘Ancient Future’ brings a creative response to the issues of climate change.

         The data of climate science can be confusing, the magnitude overwhelming, the prospects frightening. When the crisis is beyond what the rational mind can figure and resolve, we are broken open.  As the Arts are called to do, this ‘ritual theater’ performance reaches through the chaos and confusion to access visionary realms of myth and meaning.  Here we can draw upon the wisdom of the Soul and access the revelation of Spirit.  

         Ancient Future is a mythic tale, beginning with the dissolution of the world as we know it.  It takes us on a journey beyond the crumbling structures of civilization to the deeper strata of what is ancient and enduring.  The vehicle of the ‘fairy tale’ allows the story to speak in the mother tongue of the childlike heart and to resonate in the deeper realms of archetypal truths. 

         Ancient Future is a multi-modality and multi-media performance. Mythic worlds are created with sound and light, and through the interviewing of word and image a tale is told. Movement and music move the energy of a poetic narrative, while subtle interactions with projection and light-play creates sets and scenes.  A live theater performance; music, dance, visual and video arts, poetry and dialogue integrate in a simple, yet profound and inspiring story. 

         Though the tale is mythic and mystical, the arc of the narrative draws upon contemporary revelations in science, psychology & systems theory. This knowledge forms a deep structure support for the meaning and message embedded in the story.

One Life Flowing   One Light Descending   One Spirit Rising


With her performance piece, “Ancient Future,” Dana Andersen takes us on a journey using ancient symbols and archetypes to the heart of our own being. It awakens vast future possibilities for us as individuals and for the evolution of humanity. Don’t miss this unique vision of the where we have been and where we are going. 
–Nayaswami Devi



April 21, 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Academy of Art, Creativity & Conscousness