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Transformation in Tumultuous Times

SATURDAY SALON    May 1st, 8th & 15th  2021.    10am-1pm

Tumultuous times bring butter to those who know know how to churn.  The Cauldron of Chaos becomes the vessel of alchemy. 

• Inspirational from ART, SCIENCE & SPIRIT followed by hands-on creative process & connection.  Experience the ELIXIR of creative energy flowing through your heart and hands!


Experience a skillfully guided transformative process that turns outer chaos into inner creative power.


The Cauldron of Chaos becomes the Vessel of Alchemy

Each session offers potent inspiration and hands-on creative exploration.

We start with a stimulating presentation weaving insights from science and spirit. A warm-up exercise opens the channels so we can access higher realms within; grounding into roots and stretching into our antennae of intuition. Next we enter a session of creative play, sparked by an original guided Moving Meditation®. After each hands-on creative discovery process we’ll harvest the meaning and message through a simple, yet profound embodiment process. We conclude with connection and sharing, and a take-away embodied affirmation to use throughout the week to come.


Creative modalities for ‘Creativity in the Cauldron of Chaos’ include movement, music, guided imagery, chalk and oil pastel, chanting, painting, collage, improvisation and poetry.



Session ONE :

CHAORD; the Sweet spot between Chaos and Control Learn how to find the sweet spot where the raw and generative forces of chaos can bring forth the higher order patterns of an emergent order.

Water soluble pastels and chalk pastels

Session TWO :

From Cauldron of Chaos to Vessel of Alchemy Learn how to hold space for turmoil to become transformative. Stir the cauldron in ways that generate life enhancing currents, dissolving darkness and strengthening our inner light.


Session THREE :

Clarity and Coherency; Weaving the Matrix of Creation Learn how to generate the field of coherency that crystallizes energy taking form. Use your power of focus and intention to constellate the Matrix of creation and bring forth the new worlds that are ripening.

Collage and water-soluble pastels


Three Saturdays

May 1st,8th & 15th   2021

• Each Saturday   Euro 48   (taken separately)

• Series of Three Saturdays   Euro 108

108 series ticket covers all three sessions plus recordings. 


Discover the Sweet spot between Chaos and Control.  











• Mind Sparking   • Soul Astonishing   •Heart Illumining.


Your Guide:

Dana Lynne Andersen is a multi-modality artist with a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies (JFKU). A pioneer in the field of Art & Consciousness, she is the founding Director of Awakening Arts Academy (USA) and Arte Spirito; the Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness (Italy).  She is also the creator of the Transformative ArtsMethod and Certification Program that uses creative process as a vehicle for personal healing and spiritual awakening. Dana has taught and exhibited on three continents.


“Dana Is a profoundly gifted facilitator and artist. She has an exquisite sense of holding space to allow every participant do you have a profound inner experience.” Karen Gamow  Palo Alto California

“Remembering how to play has opened my heart to greater joy in every moment. I feel so much happier!  This experience has made me realize the power of movement to reveal things to me that my mind was not consciously aware of. Most important, this course has helped me to explore freely and joyfully the flow of divine creativity without attachment to a specific outcome. I am amazed that this can be learned so easily and adopted instantly.”  KB Mountain View California

“I have tried many various healing modalities and I must say this is not only the most powerful way to heal but also the most fun and uplifting way to let go of what no longer serves and to grow and gain courage to take that next step.” Jayanti Kylin, Sweden

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