Transformative Journey through the Chakras

 Mastering the 7 Domains of Life

with Dana Lynne Andersen July 6 -11

The inner path of Yoga comes to life!   This extraordinary workshop is both intellectually stimulating and creatively freeing-  a delicious combination of illuminating information and embodied discovery.  Enjoy a vibrantly creative adventure in self-awareness as you journey through the seven Chakra’s.

Learn how the discoveries of contemporary science and psychology dovetail  with the ancient teachings of Yoga toillumine a universal map of the soul’s journey. Then bring that knowledge into your life through playful, yet profound, creative processes.

Christian in the Studio

Chakra DiagramEach session focuses on one of the Chakras, using painting, sculpture, movement, theatre, yoga, music, meditation, chanting & affirmation to explore the seven inner realms.  No artistic talent or ability is required.

clay and arrow


You will discover:

  • A universal map of the soul’s journey and the inner realms
  • The key energies, attitudes and capacities of each of the seven realms
  • The areas of life governed by each chakra
  • Tools and techniques for activating, healing and balancing each chakra
  • How to illumine the full spectrum of your Being- from the roots of the first chakra to the crown of the 7th chakra.

No artistic talent or ability is required. This adventure in self-discovery inspires an expansive sense of freedom and limitless possibilities.

Watch the video.

Supplemental Cost of €140 (Materials included)

Yogini Painting