Art, Rebirth and Transformation

Art, Rebirth & Transformation Saturday, April 10th.      11:00 am – 4:00 pm ONLINE Hosted by East West Bookstore.  Register It’s been a tough time, but nature teaches us that spring ripens below the surface of winter. Beneath what feels stuck, tired & anxious, there is a seed of something new. Inside of you […]

Free your Creative Spirit!

ONLINE  Creativity Studio Workshop July 6-10  Online + Onsite  Limited to 6 onsite students in Palo Alto, California (following safety protocols) An interactive hands-on workshop led by Transformative Arts Pioneer Dana Lynne Andersen MA Creativity is the language of the Soul!  A high vibration creative flow opens our hearts.  Our spirit expands.  We awaken and […]


A Week of Creativity and Communion in Nature.   Assisi, Italy  June 23-28, 2019 and Portland, Oregon August 4-9 2019 Blissful days of painting and learning to co-create with the Devas and Nature Spirits. Replenish your body, mind & spirit at the wellspring of beauty.  Drink in the Prana of Nature and experience the childlike joy of […]

Healing Journey

An Inner Journey of  Self Discovery and Transformation June 9-16 2019,  Assisi Italy A skillfully and lovingly facilitated journey into the depths of your heart and the heights of your Soul. The creative process is intrinsically healing, and as we follow the messages of Spirit we are led home. All the modalities of the arts […]