Free your Creative Spirit

Open the channel to your own unique creative self-expression! May 26 – 31  2019  at ‘Art Spirit’ in Umbria, Italy Creativity is the language of the Soul!  When we are in a high vibration creative flow our hearts open and our spirit expands.  Awaken the artist inside you, and use your innate creativity as a powerful […]

Science, Art & Spirit: The Quantum Powers of Creation

May 23-26 Learn the Quantum Principles that created the universe and USE THEM to create your world! Science, Art & Spirit meet in this unique workshop that conjoins illuminating lectures with hands on creative work.  Learn how vibration created the universe, and continues to create the world we experience. Practice entering the Quantum Zone of limitless creative inspiration. Learn how to […]

Painting from the Heart and Soul

Liberate your own unique, authentic creative expression! A Painting Retreat  February 11-15   In the gorgeous countryside near Portland Oregon.  Monday 11am- Friday 4pm. This full-immersion intuitive painting workshop gives you the freedom to express your inner Self without self-criticism. Proven techniques will overcome blocks and open the doorway to inspiration. Discover the bliss of […]

Transformative Journey, The Evolution of Consciousness

The Inner Path comes to Life in this Extraordinary Experiential Journey through the Chakra’s as Evolutionary Domains. September 9- 16 near Assisi, Italy.  March 9-16  2019  near Portland Oregon USA    Discover the Seven Realms of Being within… Contemporary science & psychology join ancient teachings of Yoga to illumine a universal map of the soul’s journey- […]

Healing Journey

An Inner Journey of  Self Discovery and Transformation August 24-31 Assisi Italy A skillfully and lovingly facilitated journey into the depths of your heart and the heights of your Soul. The creative process is intrinsically healing, and as we follow the messages of Spirit we are led home. All the modalities of the arts …painting, […]


A Week of Creativity and Communion in Nature.   Assisi, Italy  August 5-10, 2018 Blissful days of painting and learning to co-create with the Devas and Nature Spirits.   Replenish your body, mind & spirit at the wellspring of silence and solitude.  Discover yourself in the childlike joy of creative PLAY!~ • Learn how to paint […]