Made in the Image and Likeness of God

     ‘We are made in the image and likeness of God’, this simple and magnificent truth can change the way we see ourselves- and the way we live.

The qualities we think of as belonging God are the very qualities we find at the core of our own nature. What God is, is what we are in essence. At the heart of who we really are, when all that is false is stripped away- is a shining core of Divine Consciousness. The Divine nature is our true nature.

“Blue Corona” by Dana Lynne Andersen

And what is that nature? When we think of the qualities of God, we often think of light, love, peace, harmony, wisdom and beauty- and these are surely some of the most important components of the Divine Nature. Yet there is one essential quality that is often overlooked…creativity. Fertile, abundant, outrageously extravagant creativity is the quintessential expression of Divine Consciousness. Creativity instigates and orchestrates the very creation of the worlds!  Consider the Divine entry into the field of time and space, the ‘big bang’- what a tremendous outpouring of energy, a gushing forth of infinite possibility exponentially expanding in all directions. Consider the immensity and majesty of the worlds– the magnitude and beauty of the cosmos; the lavish variety we find in nature, the intricate elaboration of so many incredible forms. On the land, in the seas and in the air, this precious blue planet teems with verdant life. Everywhere we turn we see an Inexhaustible flow of creativity.

  Human nature is made from the template of the Mind/Heart/Being that fashioned the whirling atoms and swirling galaxies. Like God we are all innately creative. We are, by design, intrinsically capable of generating fresh, original, vibrant creations. It is the nature of our Being to flow forth an inexhaustible stream of new creations, new ideas, new forms and thought-forms. When we reach within for resources we do not rely on the small, finite and limited capacities of our human nature. A blueprint of Divinity, we have at our disposal the inexhaustible fount of the infinite.

Crest of the Wave
“Crest of the Wave” by Dana Lynne Andersen

When we allow ourselves to be creative we are in tune with this power of creation.  It’s so easy to be caught in the trappings of our daily life and its petty problems. When we are stressed we become overwhelmed and we don’t see the way out of what binds us. When we open the creative channel it is as if we open the door of a cage. Our soul takes flight, leaving the narrow confines of our limiting self-definitions to soar in the immense skies of freedom. When we bring forth our innate creativity we remember the true dimensions of our soul- the vastness of who we really are. Once we expand back into our proper dimension its not so easy to shrink back. We carry this spaciousness back to our daily lives; and slowly, profoundly- everything changes.

Authentic, vibrant creative expression re-establishes our connection with Spirit. It is the place where we ‘become as little children’- capable of entering the kingdom of God within. That kingdom is a way of Being- a quality of consciousness that is 100% present to the moment. Immersed in the flowing of creative process we stop the metronome of time and enter the silence of eternity. In this interior space we are able to feel the subtle currents and inner imperatives that arise from deep inside us. We can hear the ‘whispers of Eternity’, the still small voice of divine guidance.

We are made in the image and likeness of God and we are not fulfilled until we are living our true nature. The Divine nature is creative on an order of magnitude that seeds the stars and transforms the worlds. That primordial creative power of the Divine throbs in every creature, pulses through all that lives, expands in every evolution. We don’t invent this creative power – it doesn’t come from us or even belong to us. It is like life itself- a gift- a miraculous presence that moves in and through and AS us. Our only task is to be an open channel- to willingly allow the cascading waterfall of Divine Energy to move through us.  When the river of Divine creativity flows through our body and Being we become the vessel of the infinite. Our lives become attuned to the symphony of creation. Made in the image and likeness of the cosmic creator, it is our nature to ‘create worlds’- and indeed we do, whether or not we are aware of our power. As we claim our Divine birthright we can create more consciously, powerfully and harmoniously. We can channel the infinite reservoir of creative potency to create worlds of love, wisdom and beauty.