Art for Peacebuilding Certificate

Summerof SerenitydoneLaunching 2019

Creativity is our mother tongue, a language of the heart that transcends the boundaries of diverse nationality and culture. 

When we are engaged in creating together we bridge the differences that divide and enter into a higher level of harmony.

Self expression brings self awareness. 

When we enter the creative flow our thoughts and feelings can be explored and integrated.  It is intrinsically self healing.  Through the heightened awareness that art-making provides we are brought into the present moment.  Being present is the act of being at peace.  When we are deeply centered within ourselves we find clarity, resolution and forgiveness.

Creativity engenders hope and redemption

Creativity restores hope and dignity because it ignites the flame of the heart and recharges the powers of the Soul to overcome.  Employing a language beyond words it bridges chasms of differences and indifference.  A ‘burning basket’ is created by a community devastated by an oil spill.  Visual arts, poetry and theater are used to teach about HIV/AIDS prevention.  A school traumatized by an unexpected murder/suicide uses music, dance and ritual to process the collective shock.  An inner-city mural brings joy to a neighborhood shrouded in despair.  Creativity redeems.

In this program you will learn how to use the creative process for cultivating community and building peace- within individuals, neighborhoods and the world. You will discover how creativity can be applied to the dialogue process (negotiation, restorative justice) and transform the way we meet, communicate, teach and learn.  You will learn how to orchestrate creative programs and projects that can reach directly into the heart of conflict and trauma. You will learn how to use the many modalities of the arts as vehicles for increased connection, communication, hope and healing.

Course Outline:

1.   Art, Creativity and Consciousness
2.   Painting from the Heart and Soul
3.   Mandala: The Art of Centering Yourself
4.   Healing Journey Practicum – Art for Self Discovery and Transformation
5.   The Neuroscience of Creativity and Peacebuilding
6.   Community Building through Art & Story
7.   Teaching Creativity to Children
8    Entrepreneurship
9.   Final Project – Practicum
10. Documentation of the Project – Presented to an Outside Audience

Who is this for?

Teachers and educators, artists and art therapists, social workers, counselors, ministers and clergy, those involved in human rights, advocacy, community development as well as any who are working with groups.


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