Free Your Creative Spirit

Creativity is the language of the soul: It opens our hearts and lifts our spirit. When we get in touch with the inexhaustible source of inspiration, we become naturally creative in all spheres of life.

In this workshop you will awaken the artist inside you, and use your innate creativity as a powerful tool for personal and spiritual growth. Simple and fun exercises remove the blocks to the free flowing of your creative spirit. No artistic talent or experience is necessary! Workshops include painting, pastel, chalk, collage, guided visualization, meditative movement, dance, and singing.

You will experience:

  • A childlike delight in the joy of creative expression
  • The ability to have inspiration at will
  • Guided visualization practices that put you in touch with your creative spirit
  • The power of Sound and Silence, Movement and Stillness
  • A sense of inner freedom and satisfaction.

“I am profoundly grateful to Dana for the course from which there has been positive effects not only in my art, but also in unexpected areas of my life. The course is about allowing; it is about trust; it is about entrusting; it is about surrender; it is about peace; it is about serene joy; it is about healing; it is about re-alignment; it is about Truth. Thank you very much for the profound teachings for Life.” ~Piercarla