Teaching Creativity to Children Certificate

Kids ArtLaunching 2019

Authentic Creativity enables children to know and express themselves.  It creates self confidence, freedom and joy.

Using creative process to cultivate the full spectrum of human capacities; activating ‘right brain’ capacities for ‘whole brain’ learning. Teachers will learn how to integrate the arts as learning modalities for accessing diverse modes of human intelligence.

⇨ Certificate for Teachers +CEU’s (continuing education credits)

Requirements: + Painting from the Heart & Soul (foundation course) + Three Core Teaching Courses + Practicum After the foundation course, the certificate can be completed in either one 2 week intensive or three 3 day courses + one 5 day Practicum

Core Teaching Creativity Courses:

Teaching Creativity to Children  (3 Day Course) • Cultivating Imaginative and Intuitive Intelligence • Full Spectrum Learning Modalities

Human Development & the Arts (3 Day Course) • Principles of EFL+ ‘the flowering of children’s creativity’ + Dual and Triune Brain, +Cognitive Development + Overview of Psychological & Spiritual development via the Chakra model

Spirit, Art & Nature (3 Day Course) • Sharing Nature with Children (Flow Learning)

Modalities (5 Day Practicum) • Clay, Collage, Painting, Chalk & Oil Pastel, mask-making, mono-printing, movement, voice, theater, music, dance * Counts as two modality electives for other programs

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