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Spirit, Art & Nature

Creativity and Communion in Nature 

Join us for five blissful summer days of painting and learning to co-create with the the Devas, Nature Spirits, and Elementals. 


“Whenever you are

creating beauty around you,

you are restoring

your own soul”

~Alice Walker


What is Nature Art or Earth Art?
Branches, stones, leaves and flowers become our medium of creation. When we sculpt, we communicate with the wisdom of Nature. The raw materials, their humble colors and brilliant textures when handled with heart can express our felt connection with the earth. 


During our time together, we will:

~cultivate deeper sensory perception through nature awareness games 

~create with elements of the earth in solo and group projects in the forest

~discover and express our inner wildness through transformative art modalities 

~experience a deep communion with the presence of God in Nature


Unleash your creativity!  No artistic ability is required-  the ‘flow painting’ technique opens the channel for flowing creative expression.

Nature is a gateway to feeling the presence of God. When we are immersed in a creative flow we can feel God moving through us. And in the stillness of meditation we feel the many qualities of God – peace, love and joy.   Spirit, Art and Nature combines these three powerful vehicles for experiencing God’s presence.  Relax deeply into the loving presence of Spirit and Nature.


Spirit Art & Nature will be co-taught with Academy Director Dana Lynne Andersen and Hosanna White

Hosanna White feels a powerful kinship with the land, animals, and plants.  She dedicates her days to guiding the youth in connecting to the natural world with Nature’s Mystery Awareness School in the Southern Williamette Valley.  Hosanna is passionate about collaborative, earth-based arts that bring community together in new and meaningful ways, which includes forest altars, garden art and design, primitive pottery methods, earth mandalas, seasonal ceremonies, and much more. 



Date: Wednesday May 30th 10am – Sunday June 3rd 3pm

Location: Awakening Arts Academy USA (near Portland Oregon)

Tuition: $395 for 5 days (includes all art materials)

Registration and Contact: Dana@awakeningarts.com

Lodging and meals available on campus. Camping options available. 


*This course is also offered in Assisi, Italy  August 5-10, 2018


10 available
Spirit, Art, & Nature334,00 Five blissful summer days of painting and learning to co-create with the the Devas, Nature Spirits, and Elementals. Wednesday May 30th 10am – Sunday June 3rd 3pm at the Awakening Arts Academy near Portland, Oregon.

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